Harry Styles: The Millennial Who Works in Silence

I Quit My Job. What Next?

He’s in the in-between, but Harry Styles is a proper Millennial in several aspects.

One-fourth of One Direction (former one-fifth), Harry Styles is one of the most watched artists in the music industry. Starting off with the band at the young age of sixteen, he’s had to deal with the things that no normal person can even imagine dealing with. And he’s learned a lof of things from the paparazzi hounding him wherever he went, his love life splashed all over tabloid articles, and every Twitter post carefully dissected by fans.

Now, with his single ‘Sign of the Times’ and his album expected to drop, Styles is expected to come to the surface again–to be more visible, like the artist that he is, to promote his work, the first of (hopefully) many to be performed by ‘Harry Styles’ and not One Direction as a group.

But what can be expected from the 23-year-old? And how did he end up where he is now?

The Bare Minimum

From the smiley but shy curly-haired lad, Styles has transformed into a man of substance…and silence. He’s learned to let his work speak for him, and he will continue to do so for his album, single, and video release. He has several radio show appearances lined up already, but there will be less pomp, less ‘A Day in the Life of Harry Styles’ drama. And his album will still top charts, that’s for sure.

Styles has had to work hard for everything he’s got, and yes the beginning is a painful mess of glamor and fun and lack of privacy, but Millennials are known for their capacity to learn and adapt. Quickly. Styles exhibits this in the way he maintained his charismatic side during the final interviews with his bandmates, and his humor never faltered, either.

With One Direction’s official hiatus, however, also came the unofficial hiatus of Harry Styles. Zayn Malik, who left the band two years ago, has already released his album Mind of Mine and rose to the top of the charts with hits such as ‘Still Got Time’ and ‘Pillowtalk’. Niall Horan also released ‘This Town’, Louis Tomlinson collaborated with Steve Aoki for ‘Just Hold On’, and Liam Payne has been teasing about his upcoming work, too.

The ever-cryptic (have you seen his Instagram feed?) Styles went for the little things: a change in his Twitter header and picture, a link to his website (there’s very little detail on there, mind you), and a post on his Instagram account revealing the release date. Everyone’s buzzing, and he hasn’t even said a word. Or shown a picture of himself until very recently.

Easing Himself Back In

The thing is, Styles didn’t really leave. He’s been there, still talked about and still making waves. Now that April 7 is a day away, with his interviews all lined up, and footage of himself shooting a music video circulating, everyone’s on the edge of their seats, waiting, anticipating, heavily breathing. The Millennial in him knows just what to do with all the attention, how he can make an impactful return without lifting a finger.

If that isn’t wise, it is, at the very least, Stylish.