The Magic of Music Festivals

It’s Coachella season. And yes, there’s more to this annual affair than just the cute outfits, although those have certainly shared the spotlight with the artists lined up to perform at Indio, California.

But what is it with music festivals, and why does it seem like everyone wants to go? Coachella lovers in the Philippines agree with the following reasons:

They’re Star-studded

This one’s pretty obvious if you look at the #Coachella hashtag on Twitter. Hundreds of snaps and IG stories have been published since the event officially started, and even months before that, those who have purchased their bracelets already announced where they were going to be.

Locally, the Philippines, and Manila in general, is not new to music festivals. This 2017, there are several lined up, featuring a mixture of local and foreign artists. The hours-long music festivals are a great opportunity to meet celebrities who enjoy listening to the same bands. They probably won’t say no to a photo op if they’ve got their outfit on point!

They’re ~*Aesthetic*~

Music festivals often get sponsorship from clothing brands and other businesses wanting to get their fair share of advertisement during the event. This means they’ll probably have a corner or nook all dolled up and waiting for you to use as the background for your festival selfie or groufie. You’ll get tons of aesthetic shots–enough to feed your Instagram account for days (or years, if you include throwback posts).

They Introduce You to New Music

The highlight of music festivals is, of course, the music. And while you’ll notice many big names in the line-up, there are also up-and-coming artists. A music festival is a good way to be introduced to music you might enjoy. And you get to listen to them before they get big!

They’re an Opportunity to Meet People

Though many go to music fests with their squad, there are those who prefer to go by their lonesome. Whether you’re with a big crowd or not, the event is a good place for you to mingle with people who share the same interests. It’s also a great time to meet up with your internet friends. These meetings sure make the event more memorable!

They Are Fun!

Music. Food. Art. Three things that make anyone feel hyped. Combine them together in an event that lasts hours and you’ll surely have fun. Music festivals are a place where you can be yourself, de-stress, and unleash your inner fashionista.

With all these elements combined, is anyone really surprised that Coachella is such a hit and that Millennials want a Coachella Philippines to happen?

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