A Day in Antipolo’s Pinto Art Museum

Antipolo is one place where Manillennials can escape for a day without having to worry about the commute. It’s easily accessible from Makati, with UV Express at Valero ready to take you to the city in Rizal. It takes roughly 30-45 minutes to get from the Makati CBD to Antipolo, with the drop-off point conveniently near the church.

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From there, you can hire a tricycle to take you to the Pinto Art Museum if you don’t have a car. The museum is situated at an elevated portion of Antipolo, kind of like Jack’s Ridge in Davao, though the earlier is not as challenging to access, and the streets are not as busy.

The entrance fee to the museum has increased throughout the years, but PhP200 (regular) is worth it considering the many things you get to enjoy inside. There are several outdoor spots, equipped with four-poster beds, to make your #OOTDs extra special. Every part of the Pinto Art Museum screams Instagram-worthy.

Pinto Art Museum

Seen this before? Yes, it’s from one of the galleries, and it’s been featured in several Pinto Art Museum blog 2017.

Pinto Art Museum

The galleries will require a bit of walking and reading, which is good for the mind because some of the artworks on display have some provocative topics.

The art pieces on display are especially meaningful for the Filipino audience because of themes revolving around poverty, the government, and the church.

Pinto Art Museum

Do take the time to think about the collections featured–you won’t want to miss anything.

It’s easy to get caught up in the busy life in the Metro, but every Manillennial dreams of having a day to explore a new place and de-stress. This is your chance to do so without spending too much. Antipolo is a place just close enough for you to breathe again, but far enough that bad vibes can’t follow you for those few hours you’re in the museum.

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