A Millennial’s Guide to Weddings According to New Girl

Okay, quick count. How many of your Facebook friends have invited you to their wedding? How many have asked you to save the date, and how many have changed their profile picture to their pre-nup shots?

If you’ve lost count, we feel you. The Wedding Fever is here, and you need this wedding guide for Millennials before attending the next one.

Mind the Theme

Millennials wedding
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You’ll stick out like a sore thumb if you wear your jeans and a statement tee to an event where everyone’s in their pastel-colored cocktail attire. Don’t just admire the wedding invitation’s font; read through the details.

Plus, dressing up for the event gives you awesome photo booth pictures with your friends! If that isn’t #squadgoals, what is?

Control Your Smartphone Use

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We get it. You want to Instagram-story the wedding ceremony. But let’s not forget that it’s a solemn union of two individuals. If you’re joining them at the church (or beach, or garden) where they will say their vows, make sure you’re spending more time actually witnessing the ceremony than capturing it on social media.

The Millennial couple will probably have videographers and photographers for that. Let them do their job while you enjoy being a guest.


A Millennial's Guide to Weddings
Credit: Tumblr

It’s a wedding! It’s full of fun activities, it’s probably at a posh place outside the busy Metro, and it’s a celebration for a couple. It’s all about love, life, and looking forward to the future. Don’t have a plus-one to bring to the festivities? That only means more opportunities for you to meet someone new (wink, wink) at the reception.

Bonus: Avoid Confrontation

millennials manila wedding
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You and the newlyweds may be friends… and you may have dated someone in that same social circle. If you see a familiar face in the crowd, smile and keep doing what you’re doing.

The wedding is not the time for you to confront your ex about how the relationship ended. Remember, it’s about the couple!

And lastly, don’t forget to congratulate the couple and wish them all the best for their married life!

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