Zubuchon Review: A Good Place to Have a Hassle-Free Dinner

Zubuchon Review

Rating: 4.5/5

We’ve been dying to try this place for weeks, but because we were too lazy to navigate Talisay street, it had to sit on the back burner for a while. Random cravings kicked in today, however, and we found ourselves hitting up Maps and finding this gem.

And we never regretted the decision.

One of Cebu’s restaurants offering the famous Cebu lechon, Zubuchon sits in a place in Makati where it has no competitor nearby. The sign may not be screaming from blocks away, but it’s easy to locate and nothing around here takes attention away from the restaurant.

Cordial servers and staff welcome you in, armed with undivided attention and smiles on their faces. You might feel overwhelmed with two or more servers asking you if you were ready to order, but that’s Cebu’s hospitality for you.

We sampled their original Cebu lechon, bone in, and look. how. gorgeous.

Zubuchon review
Zubuchon’s original Cebu lechon. The small serving is good for 2-3 people.

To complement the Cebu lechon, we also ordered adobong kangkong, which was a good surprise. We actually ended up liking this more than the lechon itself. The seasoning was on point, and it perfectly complemented the lechon bits in the dish. It was such a good match with the garlic rice we preferred, the two of us finished the food that was supposed to be good for three people.

Zubuchon adobong kangkong
Zubuchon’s adobong kangkong was surprisingly good.

And yes, we were so full after that, we didn’t have the time to try their dessert. I will definitely go back to sample their biko!

Our dinner at Zubuchon was such a hassle-free experience, we will definitely go back. The restaurant was packed in time for dinner, but we didn’t experience irritatingly slow service, and they were always ready to accommodate our requests. It’s a must-try, for sure!