#CoffeeShots: 5 Coffee Shops in 5 Days

Coffee Shops Makati

A busy schedule is often paired with afternoons (or mornings, if you need that kick that badly) holed up in a favorite coffee shop or hangout spot.

The Metro is teeming with options, but fear not, Manillennial. We narrowed them down for you. Here’s your guide to five coffee shops in Makati:

Monday: Metro9 Cafe

No coffee no workee, indeed. Metro9 Cafe is a quaint little spot overflowing with studious individuals and busy bees. Located at Linear Makati Tower I, it’s easily accessible for residents of Makati, particularly along Mayapis. They offer free Wi-Fi, and the bar is where people flock for some alone time. There are also cozy spaces on the second floor, for those wanting to hang out in small groups.

The downside: The bathroom is outside. You will have to go through a door you can easily miss, but other than that, the place is recommended for its affordable food options.

Tuesday: Starbucks

Starbucks is pretty much at every corner. Choose the right branch and you’ll find a nice spot with a good view. Starbucks is known for its friendly and courteous staff, and of course the frappuccinos and brewed coffee to jolt you awake.

The downside: They don’t offer free Wi-Fi. If you’ll be doing mostly studying and writing, this is a good place for you, but if you need a stable internet connection, you might want to look elsewhere.

Wednesday: Restock Coffee and Curiosities

Restock is in a quiet neighborhood in San Antonio Village, Makati. The ambiance of the place suits its location, too. Artists flock to this spot because of its creative interiors. It gives freelancers and creatives a good place to just do their thing.  Don’t be surprised if you finish your tasks quickly–it’s that chill here. This is perfect for late-risers because they open at 1 PM.

The downside: They are a bit on the pricey side. Four slices of their pizzadilla cost more than PhP200.

Thursday: The Rabbit Hole


The Rabbit Hole is relatively new, but it gained enough popularity because of its extensive menu. This isn’t your usual coffee spot. It serves dinner, with a full selection of pasta dishes and rice meals. That makes it a little bit challenging to stay here if you need a place to work and be productive, however, because people are enjoying their lunch with gusto. Go in the afternoon, before the dinner crowd starts to arrive, to secure a good spot and take advantage of their 50% discount on cakes if you buy any of their coffee.

The downside: You might have some trouble staying connected. We tried their free Wi-Fi and two other internet service providers, but none of them were giving us any stable connection. It could be the area, as The Rabbit Hole is located at a hidden part of Techzone.

Friday: Bo’s Coffee

#BosCoffee Rolex Fairview has some great space for some reading and relaxing.

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Bo’s is a recommendation because of its unexploited coffee choices, and they have an appreciation for local Filipino culture. They are not lacking in sockets and unoccupied tables, as well. This is a good place to meet up with business partners or friends, or to just spend the afternoon immersed in a good book. They offer free Wi-Fi connection, as well.

The downside: Your Wi-Fi access is only good for two hours of use. We haven’t asked them if customers can ask for new access details if they need the internet access beyond those two hours, but feel free to inquire.

What other coffee shops in Makati would you recommend for your fellow Manillennials? Tell us in the comments section!