Admit It: You’re Stressed Because of Work

Sometimes you whisper profanities to your computer screen. Sometimes you stare at that offending keyboard. How dare it exist! Sometimes…you cry in the office bathroom.

It’s alright. It’s okay to be stressed. Living and working in the Metro does that to you. But here’s the thing: there’s more to your day than just working.

No matter how long your workdays are, spare a few minutes to catch up with your best friend, even if it’s just to cry about your favorite ship (Bughead, maybe? Beronica’s a winner too, JS). It’s a completely different cry from the one you let out in that bathroom stall, and for this one, you won’t even mind the mascara running down your cheeks.

Or… treat yourself to a nice meal. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Go for your comfort food, calories be damned. Have a cup of your favorite coffee. Some also find joy in preparing the meal themselves. If that’s you, head to the nearest supermarket, stock up on the things you need, and hole up in the kitchen for some much-needed de-stressing. The best thing about it? You get to eat what you’ve made!

Or… see your favorite film. Again. Who cares if you’ve memorized Darcy’s lines? Or (inhales) Harry speaking parseltongue? Let Netflix be your best friend. It will never let you down!

Or… take a warm bath. Really take your time in the bathroom. It’s the one place in the world where no one can get to you (don’t forget to lock the door, of course!), where you can be alone with your thoughts–or away from them as you concentrate on the scent of your favorite soap. You come out feeling refreshed and with softer skin. Total win, right?

Or… cuddle your pets. Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. They know just how to give the best hugs and they will always give you some much-needed loving. Cats… can be a little more complicated, but they can be cuddly, too!

They say money can’t buy happiness, and they’re right. In the same vein, the lack of millions in your bank account shouldn’t be a source of unhappiness. Find something you really enjoy doing, and just. do. it.

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