About The Manillennial


Yes, that's the greeting you get. Because The Manillennial wants you to explore the world around you. To see things you only read about before. To try adventures you get to share with your friends and family.

Go out there and live your life. Let this website be your guide.

Because it can be scary out there, but hey, it's that fear that makes your heart flutter in the end, right?

The Manillennial Manifesto

Navigating the Metro is as tough as can be. You have to think about more than just which streets close at night or which only accommodate one-way traffic. There are the intricacies brought about by the busy pace, and everyone struggles to keep up.
The Manillennial aims to be a guide—a friend. We want to offer you some tried and tested tips on how to make your stay in Manila—whether that’s in the extreme North or South—the best, given the many setbacks you might encounter.
Manila, after all, is a prime location. It’s where things are happening. You’re in the center of it all, so get moving.

What We Offer

You don't have to be born and raised in Manila to be considered a Manillennial. As long as you're here, right now, you are one. You struggle with the traffic, scour for the best sales, and meet up with your friends at the newly opened restaurants. It's an experience, and we want you to make the most of it.

The Manillennial only wants to do one thing: help you enjoy your Manillennial life, whether you're just chilling in the Metro or heading out of it for a quick refresher.