Where I Spent the Money I DIDN’T Use to Buy Concert Tickets

are concerts worth the money

So many people find joy in going to concerts and music festivals. I am one of them. I had the money to go to two nights of a concert series to see three of my favorite bands, but due to safety concerns that triggered my anxiety, I decided not to go. I’ll have to wait for The Maine, State Champs, and With Confidence to come back to the Philippines, and I know they will. 

It was a tough choice, believe me. I would usually be the first to encourage anyone to go see their favorite bands live—collect memories, remember?—but looking at where I spent the money, I can say it wasn’t that bad.

The concert tickets cost PhP7,000, but I spent the money on these things instead: 

My Postpaid Plan

Sometimes, we ignore our bill because our carrier doesn’t usually cut our line after a month of late payment. Knowing that, I tend to put this particular bill at the bottom of my list, sometimes even forgetting about it completely until I receive that message reminding me to pay in full if I didn’t want my line cut. Even if the line isn’t temporarily disconnected, there comes the additional burden of having to pay for a higher amount next month, when the late payment is rolled over to the new bill. I felt pretty good about paying this month’s bill well in advance, and that still left me with PhP5,000 to spend.

A Week’s Food Delivery Plan

After I quit my job in March, I changed a couple of things in my lifestyle. One recent change is subscribing to a diet delivery plan, where I get three meals per day, plus snacks, for less than PhP400 per day. The amount sounded reasonable, considering I used to spend that same amount for a single meal. With a food delivery plan for a week, I didn’t have to think of what to eat next. It’s really a hassle-free way to live, and it teaches you a little bit about portion control. After paying for a week’s worth of meals, I still had PhP3,500.

A Hearty Meal

Remember when I said I used to spend PhP400-500 on a single meal? I decided to give myself a little treat and bought a bowl of salad and a smoothie from SaladStop! for PhP500. That left me with PhP3,000 and feeling pretty good about my new eating habits so far.

A New Top

I love buying discounted items. H&M, Forever21, and other fast fashion brands usually have seasonal sales where you get some of the best items for a good price. If you know me, you know that I love the Weeknd. Imagine my surprise when I saw one of the tops from his collection, on sale! I grabbed that button-down and still had PhP2,300 left.

Makeup Haul

This is where the rest of the money went, and it’s been a productive haul. I got a 24-piece makeup brush set (PhP400, with free delivery!), a highlighter/contour palette (PhP500), an eyebrow pencil (PhP200), and a new lipstick from L’Oreal (PhP300—bless discounts, I swear!).

Another Concert

Now, this might seem like a cheat because the remaining PhP900 helped pay for another concert ticket. But honestly, I love going to concerts. This one’s cheaper than the original concert I wanted to go to, but I’m sure it will be worth it. Plus, it’s almost a year away, so I’m hoping my anxiety won’t be so bad then. (See you in May, Harry!)

At the end of the day, you have to decide if a purchase is worth it. And by that I mean: Will it make you feel good about yourself? Are you getting value for your money? If you look back at that purchase, will you regret it?

Some of us love going to concerts, but if you’re not feeling up to it—and that happens—a quick way to feel better is to spend the money on other things that will make you feel accomplished and happy. One night of seeing your favorite artist will be unforgettable, but being a responsible adult, and still managing to do a little shopping spree, feels pretty good, too.